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  RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901


RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901

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Kensington AC32B

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  Oasys for Astigmatism 6 Pack


Oasys for Astigmatism 6 Pack


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  • 03/16
    The service was professional and so…
    The service was professional and so fast. Very happy with my new sunglasses
    Jane Simpson
  • 03/26
    Delivery is quick
    Delivery is quick. Quality is good.
  • 03/15
    Well priced and speedy delivery.
    Well priced and speedy delivery.
    Edwin Ho
  • 03/15
    Everything is good
    Everything is good, just shipping time can be a little bit faster.
  • 03/15
    The service was very accurate
    The service was very accurate, quick, clear.
    Kira Pozdnyaeva
  • 03/15
    Delivery was very speedy!
    Delivery was very speedy!
  • 03/14
    Super professional and helpful
    They make buying glasses so much easier and cheaper
  • 02/28
    Easy to transact online
    Easy to transact online, packaging and price excellent
    Chris Frost
  • 02/27
    It is not bad the glasses for the…
    It is not bad the glasses for the price. But I received the glasses with a bad joint. Could not really bother to replace so just bought some frames in anticipation of a breakage. I figure out that it is more of a hassle to return.
    Mohan Datwani
  • 02/27
    Quick, efficient and transparent!
  • 02/22
    Cheap prices
    Cheap prices
  • 02/21
    Super responsive team. Great product
    Super responsive team
    H G
  • 02/21
    I’ve had good experiences buying from…
    I’ve had good experiences buying from SmartBuyGlasses. Since it’s difficult to find frames for my face shape, I’ve had to return a few purchases and had absolutely no problems with it. The refund process was smooth. This time I was able to find the perfect eyeglass frames! If it weren’t for their great return policy, I would not have come back and able to find the perfect frames this time :)
    Richard Ho
  • 02/03
    Very good follow up and update on my order.
    Very good follow up and update on my query and contact lense order. Very good customer service. Thank you very much.
    Gemma Garcia
  • 01/26
    A great product and a fast delivery.
    A great product and a fast delivery. Customer service was very good.
    Rajnesh Lal
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Eyewear Made Easy

Welcome to SmartBuyGlasses, the world’s largest range of eyewear. We have all the biggest glasses designers at all the best prices. Even if you come to our offline store in Hong Kong, you can still expect online prices. With our best price guarantee, you won’t find even the classiest designer frames cheaper anywhere else. We also offer extra support when making a purchase, such as online opticians, eye care information in the Optical Centre, an innovative virtual try-on tool and blue light blocking technology which can be added to any lens type. 


Prescription Glasses


No matter your prescription, you can purchase the best priced and best quality glasses from us. There are hundreds of frame styles on offer, from both international designers and exclusive value brands alike. Our mission is to make eye care affordable for all. 


The process of buying glasses online starts with you. It is not yet possible to perform an eye test online, and so you will have to visit your local optician. The exam should not take long, and it will tell you everything you need to know about your specific visual requirements. It is recommended that you get your eyes tested every couple of years to ensure your prescription is correct and to avoid eye strain. At the end of your eye appointment, you will be handed your prescription. This will feature lots of figures and numbers that indicate what sort of eye correction you need. You can learn about what these all mean here. But do not worry if you do not understand your prescription. All you need to do when buying glasses online is upload the file, or email it to us. But back to the opticians. When they inform you of your prescription, you have two options. The first is to shop for eyewear in the store, where the prices are generally higher, and the range of choices much narrower. The second option, and by far the most popular choice, is to walk out the door, prescription in hand, and head online to SmartBuyGlasses. Then you can browse the thousands of products we stock and save money at the same time. 


There are so many frame styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend using our virtual try on tool to narrow down your search. The tool will indicate which face shape you have, and therefore which frames will suit you best. For example, rounded faces should go for angular frames, while oval shaped faces are flattered by curvier frame styles, such as the iconic Ray-Ban round frames. Essentially, you want the glasses to go in contrast to your natural features, to balance out your face shape.


Once you have a few styles in mind, filter by frame shape and start shopping! From there the process is simple. Add to basket, upload your prescription and choose your lens type. There are lens types and widths to suit every prescription, whether you need myopia sunglasses or blue light blocking lenses with corrective powers for astigmatism. You can even find progressive glasses lenses, to transition seamlessly between multiple prescription strengths. The top recommended all round optical solution is the Arise Clarity HD Lens. You can then add additional lens coatings, such as anti-scratch and zFORT, which blocks harmful blue light. Once you have made your selection, the lenses will be fitted by our in-house professionals and sent to your home ready to wear.


Blue Block


With more and more of us working from home and spending down time on screens, protection from blue light is becoming increasingly important. Although the sun is the biggest emitter of blue light, it is also projected from digital screens, such as phones, laptops and televisions. Too much contact with blue light can strain our eyes, leading to headaches and difficulty sleeping. The most economical solution is to add our innovative blue block zFORT coating to your lenses at the checkout and turn them into computer glasses. The best thing about it is that it can be added to any pair of glasses you like, whether you have opted for a designer pair of cat eyes or a budget brand square frame. It is even available for kids glasses, so you can keep your children safe when doing online school projects, playing video games, or watching TV.




Similar to prescription glasses, there are just as many options available for sunglasses. You can find the biggest brands such as Boss, Ray-Ban HK and Tom Ford, the most glamorous fashion statements from the likes of Guess and Gucci, and the highest quality bargain frames from the SmartBuy Collection. Almost every frame can be transformed into prescription sunglasses, and there is often an option to make the lenses polarizers. This is particularly useful for those partaking in water or snow sports, or even cycling. This is because a polarised lens eliminates glare, which occurs when the sun’s rays reflect off surfaces like water, snow and metal. The most renowned brand for such a lens is Oakley. SmartBuyGlasses is also the place to find premium ski goggles with polarized lenses. In addition, you can transform one pair of glasses into sunglasses when you invest in a set of clip-on sunglasses. The SmartBuy Collection offers sets of four clip-ons, so you can customise one pair of frames to serve for driving, polarization, mirrored polarization and normal sunglasses. This is a great money saving way to get the most out of your frames, and they’re fashionable too!


Designer Brands


SmartBuyGlasses is home to hundreds of designer brands, all of which are guaranteed to be authentic, AND come with a best price guarantee. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd with a loud pair from Chloé, look sleek and sophisticated with classic frames from Burberry and Ralph Lauren, or look subtle and elegant with Tiffany & Co glasses, we’ve got you covered. We also showcase the latest brands on the market, like quirky designs from REVE by RENE and colourful numbers from the Indian Face. Plus, you can channel your favourite celebrity looks with glasses frames from the Victoria Beckham collection, her husband David Beckham’s eyewear line, or even the new CR7 sunglasses from Cristiano Ronaldo. You can choose to buy designer frames with their original lenses, or have quality prescription lenses fitted by our in-house experts. 


Contact Lenses


We don’t just stop at glasses, there are contact lenses on offer too. One of the top brands is Acuvue, with the Acuvue Oasys line catering to specific cases like astigmatism or myopia. You can even find progressive lenses for contacts. 


Optical Centre


As we are committed to making online shopping as easy as possible, we have created a learning platform for all things eye care. The space provides countless easy-to-read articles to help you better understand your visual needs. There is also the option to ask the online optician a question, so that you can get help with any specific doubts at any stage of the shopping process. 


Virtual Try On


Another great feature offered at SmartBuyGlasses is the option to try frames on with our online mirror. All you have to do is take a quick selfie video, and your face will appear on screen wearing whichever frames you choose. This is a great way to try before you buy, and the tool is available for hundreds of frames. 




However, even with the virtual try on tool, online shopping has its limits. Shopping in real life is of course a great day out to spend with friends and family, so pop down to our shop to try on as many pairs of glasses as you like. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help at any moment, and you won’t miss out on the great deals found online. It truly is the best of both worlds, and we cannot wait to see you there!

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