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Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are one of the most common varieties of lens out on the market today. In this article, we will explore what single vision prescriptions are, their benefits and if they are the right option for you. Any questions or concerns you may have, we hope to cover. 


What are Single Vision Lenses?

Now, this is a very simple question with a relatively simple answer. Single vision lenses address a single corrective need. This means that there is only one prescription. This is an ideal option for people who need reading glasses, correction for intermediate distances alone, or distance correction. Now the key difference in lenses with single vision vs bifocal is the number of corrective powers within the lenses. This is similar to the differences between progressive lenses vs single vision lenses. Bifocal corrects for two corrective powers, and a progressive can address two or three powers. If you are someone who does need multiple powers to correct your vision, single vision lenses may still be an option for you. As there is some benefit in owning multiple single vision glasses over a multifocal lens that corrects for them all, we will delve more into the reason why later on. 


Single vision glasses are incredibly common and highly versatile. They can be made of any lens material, be paired with any type of lens coating, and fit into nearly all styles of frames. In some rare cases with a prescription value between 5 and 8, you may need to make sure the frames you pick can support them. For most instances, however, this frame is ideal and is more versatile over bifocal or progressive lenses. 


Who can wear single vision lenses?

Depending on who you are you will be correcting for, myopic vision, intermediate distances, or hyperopic vision. Below are some circumstances where single vision lenses will help, or possibly be the best option for you.


Reading Glasses

If you find that you are unable to read your phone or most scripts at close up, it may be time for reading glasses. Reading glasses are commonly needed for people above the age of 40 as your eyes naturally age. Consider how often you need to read: checking the menu at a restaurant, scrolling through your phone, reading at the beach - just pick a frame that is attractive for the occasion. Check out our full line of reading glasses, offering designer brands, flashy shapes, and styles. 


Intermediate or Computer Glasses

Intermediate distances are approximately an arm’s length away. This variety of prescriptions is becoming very popular as more people spend more time on their computers. We suggest to all of our customers looking for intermediate distance correction to add a blue light blocking coating to help protect against digital eye strain, headaches, and other difficulties caused by blue light. Adding this layer of protection is very easy! At checkout add your single lens prescription and select our zFORT® blue light blocking coating. You should be ready for a very comfortable fit and wear.


Single Vision for Distance

Single vision lenses are perfect for distance correction. Hyperopia or farsightedness is quite common and typically identified at a younger age. These lenses are sure to be helpful at school reading the blackboard or in the car while driving. No matter what these will have your distance needs covered.  


Single Vision for Astigmatism

Don’t worry, if you are astigmatic or have astigmatism these frames can correct this. When you have astigmatism everything is blurry, even with a regular corrective lens prescription. Single vision lenses are capable of treating this visual difficulty, just add the additional prescription details at checkout online.


Single Vision vs Progressive and Single Vision vs Bifocal

To continue with the types of lenses and the difference between multifocal lenses and monofocal, or single vision lenses, let’s discuss the benefits of single vision lenses over multifocal lenses. The inherent benefit of multifocal is that you have the capacity to see at three different powers with a single lens, this 


this type of lens can be more expensive and you are often limited to a few styles of frames that are compatible with them. If you are someone who finds the look of your glasses just as important as the corrective capacity, investing in a few different styles of single vision frames might be the more fashionable and functional option for you. This way you can have different frames for different occasions with the power to select the type of frame more suitable for that activity. Like for driving, versus working, versus reading glasses. 


Shop with SmartBuyGlasses

Shop through our selection of frames and lenses with confidence, virtually try them on with our Virtual Try-On tool! It’s a great way to see how your favorite frames might look on you! Have peace of mind, that when you buy you will receive 100-days to return any of your frames, plus a two-year warranty on all of our eyeglasses and sunglasses. When you checkout make sure you add the lens coatings that are right for you! Like an anti-scratch or our zFORT® blue light blocking protection, then enter in your prescription, or email it to us later. We also offer a best price guarantee, meaning you will get the best deal on your frames. And you can’t forget we will deliver your single vision glasses for free direct to your doorstep. We are here for you! Welcome to eyewear made easy.