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Spring Hinge

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Spring Hinge

If traditional screw frame hinges are not working for you, we suggest learning about the spring hinge! In this article, we will go through the benefits of spring hinge glasses and who we typically recommend them to. They are a great option if you find that you have a larger head and normal frames can feel uncomfortable, or if you find that these frames fly off while you work out. There are many more practical uses for these frames, so let’s get into them. 


Types of Glasses Hinge: Are spring hinge glasses better?


Screw Hinge

Before we dive into the spring hinge let’s explore another eyeglass hinge and older sister to the spring hinge, the screw hinge. This variety of hinge is remarkably common and is seen on most frames on the market today. Its ubiquity stems from its classically simple and resilient design. It goes by another name the barrel hinge, as the hinge is held together by three to six interlaced barrels, largely similar to a door hinge. The higher the number of barrels, the stronger and more long-lasting the frame hinge. This style is perfect as it allows the arms to operate smoothly and without risk of breakage. 


This type of hinge is popular due to how easy it is to get replacement parts and then repair them. Most repair jobs can be done at home with parts sourced from a local pharmacy or optician. 


Although easy to adjust, these frames are more finicky. The adjustments have to be just right or you risk an uncomfortable fit, with glasses slipping down your nose or tight temples. 


Spring Hinge

Now let’s dive into what a spring hinge is! Spring hinge eyeglasses superficially look like any other hinge, however, there is a built-in spring that allows the hinge to extend past the 90-angle that screw hinges are limited to. The benefit of this is a more comfortable fit. When you slide on a pair of spring hinge frames, the temples wrap around your head, extending past that 90-degree angle slightly, then spring back once in place. As a result, you have a more comfortable, confident fit. We have found that nearly all of our customers have their frames delivered ready to wear right out of the box, no adjustments needed. 


The key advantage of a spring hinge frame is that they break less easily and handle the wear and tear far better than other hinges. Because there is added flexibility, even if you remove them quickly they are less likely to snap, or if you remove them single-handed or regularly at an odd angle your frames are less likely to loosen or warp. 


There are inherent limitations to this style of the frame due to the more complicated design, they are harder to repair. If you break your small spring hinge frames you may not be able to fix it yourself. In many instances, they have to be repaired by a professional or returned to the manufacturer. 


Who Are Spring Hinges Recommended For



This is the first group we like to recommend these frames to. Children are frequently rougher with their frames and can be careless with how they maintain them. Plus kids are remarkably active, a more flexible, resilient frame is recommended as they can handle impact much better. This variety of frames will likely stay on their faces more comfortably, and the better fit will help with keeping the frames on their faces, reducing loss or damage. 

Wide Heads

If your tight glasses frames are not comfortable, and if you have found that your head is on the larger side, regular frames might not be for you. If placing regular frames on your head is difficult, we recommend these more flexible hinge glasses for you. The spring hinge allows for a more comfortable fit for both taking on and off. Because the hinge extends wider than screw hinge frames, they wrap around your head and spring back after they are placed. These frames are a great option for you. 


Active People

More active individuals would certainly reap the benefits of these frames. If you wear your glasses during your workouts or more physical activity, the glasses spring hinge is going to help hold your frames in place. The added confidence in knowing that your frames are not only going to stay and fit comfortably but that they are more durable and likely to survive any impact should they fall off. If you fall into this category, we suggest a metal frame for increased durability.


Rough Glasses Handlers

With a pair of spring hinge frames, the risk of warping your frames is much less, granting your frames a longer lifespan. Some people are much rougher with their glasses than they should be. It is important to remove your glasses with both hands on either temple to ensure their longevity and shape. If you find that you pull your frames off single-handed or quickly at an angle, you run the risk of loosening your hinges and mishappening them over time. 


Shop Spring Hinges with SmartBuyGlasses

Enjoy shopping with our best price guarantee, so no matter what you are going to receive the best price. Plus, we offer a two-year warranty and a 100-day return policy, so you are covered if you find that your new spring hinge frames aren’t right for you. Curious how your favorite frames look? We have a Virtual Try-On tool that can help, you can see how the frames might look with a 180-degree view. At checkout add lens coatings that may increase your comfort and peace of mind, we always suggest our zFORT® blue light blocking if you are interested in spring hinge computer glasses.  And don’t forget we will deliver your glasses for free to your doorstep.  Welcome to eyewear made easy!