Get your Pupillary Distance

Missing your pupillary distance in your glasses prescription? Use our online tool to get your PD quickly and easily!

Magnetic Card

Hold the card flat against your forehead

Setting up for scan

Place your phone / laptop on a stable surface

We want you to have the best vision possible to enjoy all of life's everyday activities! To ensure our opticians get your prescription sitting perfectly in your lenses, we need your pupillary distance.

What is Pupillary Distance?

Your PD is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil, measured in millimetres. It ensures we make your lenses with the prescription sitting exactly where your eyes need it, allowing for superior vision!

How to get PD online?

Follow these simple steps:

  • 01

    Set up for scan

    Place your phone or laptop on a stable surface in a well-lit room.

  • 02

    Sound Instructions

    Turn your volume up to listen to the voice instructions.

  • 03

    Before we start

    Grab any card with a magnetic strip. Take off your glasses and look directly into the camera.

    Tips: Make sure the room is well lit and avoid backlight.

  • 04

    Allow access to your camera

    Once your quick scan is complete, your PD will be displayed. Remember to write it down to add to your prescription details during checkout.