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Are Rimless Glasses Right for You?

When deciding what frames are best for your new pair of eyeglasses, you might be considering rimless glasses. Rimless glasses means that the lens is mounted directly to the temple and bridge of the frames. Rimless glasses are mainly a styling choice and don’t have any effect on your overall vision or eye health. However, they do come with some benefits that you might want to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in them. 


Rimless glasses are gaining in popularity thanks to their minimalistic aesthetic and lightweight nature. Many of our customers rave about such styles being weightless, inconspicuous, and adding a touch of class to their everyday look. Keep reading to learn about how they came to be, whether they would suit you, and our picks for the top rimless eyeglasses on SmartBuyGlasses.


How Rimless Glasses Came To Be


In the 1820’s Austrian inventor Johann Friedrich Voigtländer created a rimless monocle, the single corrective lens used to correct vision on one eye. It further developed in the ‘30s to alleviate the joint weight coming from heavy metal frames as well as glass lenses. Another motive for this design was to make eyewear look as unimposing as possible. During that time, eyeglasses were not considered part of one’s personal style, and would often be associated with being a senior or a member of the clergy.


In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the first widely available version of rimless glasses came to be as prince-nez. These glasses were the type that would pinch the nose and not have earpieces. Manufacturers would go to a great extent to keep these glasses secure on the nose. Just around the time of World War 1, a version with 2 temple arms and a nose bridge came into the scene. In the coming decades, various other structural improvements were implemented such as the inclusion of nosepads, changing the type of screws, and other style variations.


In the 21st century, rimless glasses in lightweight titanium frames with polycarbonate lenses made glasses practically weightless for the wearer, making it a highly popular choice for the general public.


Who Looks Good in Rimless Glasses


Rimless glasses, thanks to their invisible look, work with all face shapes. It can be considered a no-brainer choice no matter your face shape, instead of having to worry about which frame shape or color will flatter you. Another benefit is the fact that you experience a broad field of vision, unlike rimmed glasses where the peripheral vision may bother you. You may still choose to opt for the following rimless glass shapes to accentuate your face and make it enhance your look.


Round Rimless Glasses

This shape flatters those with a square, diamond or any other shape featuring a well defined jawline.


Oval Frameless Glasses

This shape is ideal for face shapes having strong angles whilst being longer rather than wide. This will be perfectly balancing if you have a rectangular or oval face.


Rectangle Frameless Glasses

By characteristic, rectangle glasses balance oval or those face shapes featuring soft curves and less emphasized jaw lines.


Square Frameless Glasses

These are highly suitable for those with round, diamond or heart face shapes as it adds dimension and contrast to soft-featured face shapes.


Pros of Rimless Glasses


  • Frameless glasses effortlessly blend with the rest of the wearer’s look because of its minimalistic appearance. It’ll let the wearer’s best features shine.
  • Since they’re more lightweight than other frame styles, they’re very convenient and easy to wear all day.


Cons of Rimless Glasses


  • It’s not for those who want their glasses to be an extension of their vibrant personalities. Rimless glasses may be too subtle of a look for them.
  • Some individuals prefer a frame style that can only be achieved with rims, such as cat-eye glasses or wayfarers.
  • Rimless glasses are much more delicate. They tend to have less impact and scratch resistance, hence may not be appropriate for those who are rough with their eyewear.


How to Repair Rimless Glasses


To repair loose screws, simply remove them from the frames, insert a new screw from your repair kit and tighten with a jeweler’s screwdriver. Tighten it only up to the point where it becomes difficult to turn, else you may risk cracking the lens where the hinge and the lens meet.


Frameless Glasses for High Prescriptions


Typically, it is not recommended for you to wear your frameless glasses if your prescription is higher than -6.00. This is because strong prescriptions have thicker lenses and need the extra support that a full-frame provides. However, depending on the material of your lens, you might be able to get away with rimless glasses, even with a high index. Click here for more information about lens index and materials. 


Cost of Rimless Glasses


Have you ever wondered, “why are rimless glasses so expensive?” Well, it is actually a common misconception that rimless glasses are expensive. While many rimless glasses are made with higher quality materials like titanium to support the weight of the lenses, with retailers like SmartBuyGlasses you can choose from many different types of rimless glasses at low costs. This includes brands known for high quality rimless frames such as Silhouette glasses


Should I Get Rimless Glasses?


While Frameless glasses appear to be more fragile, they are actually considerably sturdy. These glasses are purposely designed and manufactured to be able to withstand everyday wear and tear, just like any other pair of glasses. Choosing titanium rimless glasses is one way to guarantee a stronger pair of frames. SmartBuyGlasses is your one stop shop for the best rimless glasses from the best designer brands. 


Best Rimless Glasses 


SmartBuy Collection Watson Asian Fit


If you’re looking for frameless glasses- that ticks many boxes- popular unisex design, sturdy metal frame, budget-friendly, possibility to try on virtuallyAsian Fit- take a look at the Watson from SmartBuy Collection. These glasses are ultra-lightweight, square lens-shaped, and have customizable lenses to suit everyone’s preferences.


Gunnar Edge R6638-C001


These frameless Gunnar eyeglasses are built-in with blue light blocking technology with the aim to take the gaming experience to the next level. This particular style enables you to enjoy unobstructed and protected vision. 


All glasses on SmartBuyGlasses can be customised with zFORT® Blue Light Blocking technology at check out.


SmartBuy Readers R69 Reading Glasses

Looking for rimless reading glasses and on a budget? The SmartBuy Readers R69 comes in a timeless shape with various strengths to choose from so you can have the there-but-no-there look whilst seeing close up text or objects.


Silhouette TMA Must Collection

The most lightweight and elegant rimless glasses out there would be titanium rimless eyeglass frames from Silhouette. The craftsmanship is outstanding and so are the horizons of vision and durability.


Arise Collective Connellsville

If you’re looking particularly for gold rimless glasses, we recommend the Arise Collective rectangular frameless glasses in gold and black They’re a high-quality classic frame shape with a modern flair.


You can also check out our collection of semi-rimless and full rim eyeglasses.

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