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Can I order lenses with prism correction?


Yes, you may.

Prism correction is a necessary component of some eyeglass prescriptions designed to avoid problems with double vision. It is measured in prism diopters, and may include one of four measurements relating to the "base", that is, the direction of the prism with respect to the thickest edge of the lens. These are Base Up (BU), Base Down (BD), Base In (BI) and Base Out (BO), and they're usually measured in half-diopters (e.g. 0.5 or 1). So, for example, a prescription may include the prism correction:

LEFT: 0.5 BU
RIGHT: 0.5 BD 

We are able to process lenses with prism correction. Please write your prism details into the additional information section when selecting your prescription, or you can contact our customer service prior to placing your order.