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    If you're looking for glasses, you've most certainly come to the right place. With a myriad of options to choose from (over 39,000, in fact), you're absolutely spoiled for choice at SmartBuyGlasses. Ray-Ban glasses, Gucci glasses, blue light blocking glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, you name it. There's almost too much to choose from! 

    Shop our huge range of glasses now at SmartBuyGlasses. You can buy designer frames and value collections online in total peace of mind knowing that we provide a 24-month warranty on every pair of glasses or sunglasses in our store, which covers both the frames and lenses. And, if you change your mind about your new purchase, you can easily get your money back with our 100-day returns policy.


    Glasses: Our Top 3 Best Sellers

    • These Michael Kors MK4067U SANTA CLARA glasses are a great-looking pair of clear frame glasses. They're just one of a range of high-class eyewear models from Michael Kors, which is why they're among our best sellers. With transparent frames and RX prescription lenses, these are the perfect way to sort out your vision in style!
    • These Arise Collective Tulsa glasses are a low-cost, high-value pair of stylish black full-rim glasses that pack a real punch. With classy slimline frames, these affordable glasses from the innovative Arise Collective are one of the best ways to correct your vision on a budget. 
    • These Tom Ford FT5355 glasses are a classy pair of frames from a top, top brand. Tom Ford is one of the biggest names in fashion, and these specs show just why. With simple yet stylish black frames and signature Tom Ford branding, these glasses are professional, sleek and to the point. Perhaps that's why they're so popular!


    Glasses: Our Team's Recommendations

    • These Oakley OX8156 HOLBROOK RX glasses are peak sporty chic. With transparent rectangular full-rim frames, these Oakley glasses are some of our favourites for high-quality, high-endurance glasses with some on-trend clear frame flair. 
    • These Arise Collective Irvine glasses are the perfect blend of classic frame silhouettes and modern materials. These full-rim transparent pink glasses are comfortable, fashionable and (maybe most importantly) affordable. When you pair that with RX Prescription lenses, you can see why they're among our top picks.
    • These Gunnar Intercept glasses are some of the best computer glasses/gaming glasses out there. With tinted yellow lenses, these are an exceptional way to filter out harmful short-wavelength blue light, protecting your eyes in the long term. They're simple, affordable and functional - when searching for glasses online, those are 3 boxes that need ticking. You can rest assured knowing these specs definitely tick.


    Virtual Try-On 

    While we deliver anywhere, we also have an amazing feature that can help you decide which glasses suit you best from the huge range on sale: our new Virtual Try-On tool. Just click the icon on each product’s page, and you’re all set for modelling designer sunglasses at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking for Hugo Boss glasses or Ray-Ban glasses, you’ve come to the right place - you can try on your favourite pairs of G-Star RAW glasses frames online without having to even leave your home! 

    For our customers, it’s been the ultimate 2020 replacement for a great day out shopping - as we’ve been adjusting to new routines and staying at home 24/7, we’ve opened up a whole load of free time to explore our enormous online shop. After all, there’s never been a better time for a sneaky virtual afternoon shopping trip when you otherwise might have been commuting! 

    Arise HD Prescription Lenses 

    The Arise HD Clarity Collection offers the best options for ordering prescription lenses online. When it comes to buying prescription glasses online, SmartBuyGlasses has you covered with a wide selection of frames at competitive prices, paired with premium lenses. When it comes to your vision, there's no need to compromise. 

    Our lenses are suitable for all vision impairments and can be customised for your every need. Whether you need reading glasses, driving glasses or prescription glasses for astigmatism, myopia or presbyopia - Arise HD Clarity lenses are fitted to your prescription. 

    These lenses come with a range of top-quality lens coatings custom-engineered to protect both your lenses and your eyes. These coatings include: UV400 for UV light protection, Anti-Reflective for glare protection, Scratch Resistant for scratch protection, Impact X for shock protection and Superhydrophobic for water protection. 

    zFORT™ Blue Light Block 

    Let's face it - technology is here to stay. While we can try to limit our usage, we’re ultimately pretty dependent on it. However, with more screens comes more blue light. So, we've created something to help negate its side effects. We call it zFORT™. It’s blue light blocking technology. What’s that, you ask? It’s a special filter that blocks potentially harmful short-wavelength light that can damage the eye. Through limiting the penetration of this type of light, zFORT™ provides ‘fort-like’ protection to the eye. 

    There are four key benefits to using zFORT™ blue light blocking lenses: glare elimination, eye strain reduction, sleep improvement and headache reduction. 

    Curious to learn more about blue light blocking tech? You can check out our FAQ page here or read our blog and Optical Centre articles to find out all you need to know! 

    Optical Centre 

    We pride ourselves on providing customers with well-researched, optician-approved advice about some key parts of the eyewear world. We’ve got a whole host of different articles, split into three main categories: eye health, eyeglasses and sunglasses. Here, you can find in-depth pieces about eye conditions, prescriptions and more. 

    We also run an ‘Ask the Optician’ section. Here, we take some of our customers’ most burning questions and answer them briefly yet succinctly. There are dozens upon dozens of Q&A-style pages here, all overflowing with eyewear and eye health facts. 

    SmartBuyGlasses Hong Kong 

    We’re the leading e-commerce eyewear destination to shop designer brands, for less. We stock hundreds of brands, all with unique designs and approaches to eyewear. From designer brands like Gucci, to sunglass kings Ray-Ban, to affordable ranges like SmartBuy Collection, we’re sure you’ll find what you love. 

    Discover 180+ designer brands and get up to 50% off at SmartBuyGlasses Hong Kong. What sets us apart from the crowd is our unbeatable prices – from discounted designer frames to £7 affordable glasses, we’ve always got a load of discounts on offer, and we stick to our best price guarantee

    Our Commitment to Our Customers 

    As well as providing the best cheap glasses and lenses on the web, we’re committed to always improving our customer experience. That’s why we provide a 2-year warranty on all eyewear, 100-day returns, FREE shipping, our best price guarantee and accessible eyewear for any budget! 

    SmartBuyGlasses: top brands, best prices – it’s eyewear made easy.