Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808004

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Including lenses

Select size: (58-16-138)

  • 36.7 mm

  • 16 mm

  • 58 mm

  • 138 mm

  • L
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Brand: Oakley
Gender: Men
Year: 2016
UPC: 888392192219
Prescription Range: -7.00 ~ +7.00
Frame Colour: Transparent Grey
Frame Shape: Rectangle
Frame Style: Full Rim
Frame Material: Plastic
Lens Material: Customisable
Manufacturer: Luxottica
Progressive Suitability: Yes
36.7 mm
58 mm
Frame measurements Shape
16 mm
Frame measurements Leg
138 mm

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Base Curve: 6.Plastic: Plastic is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of colors| textures| and patterns.

About Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808004

Wear your Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit with confidence with our 2 year warranty. In order to provide our customers with the best eye-care possible, we’ve ensured that your glasses arrive on your doorstep ready-to-wear when you order the SmartBuyGlasses prescription lenses. On top of this, our lenses come with an advanced anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating so you can get the most out of your glasses. The OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit comes with a Transparent Grey Plastic frame and standard lenses.
Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808004

Available Lenses

We offer a variety of lenses to suit your lifestyle and vision needs. Explore our lens options below:

Everyday use for those who are near sighted (minus lens) or farsighted (plus lens).

Astigmatism prescription can also be incorporated within the lens to ensure you get clear vision.

  • Tailored to one focus length
  • Wide field of view
  • Transparent lens

An all in one lens solution which will allow you to see clearly for distance, intermediate and near distance. Progressive lenses, also known as Varifocals or Multifocals, are for people who have Presbyopia or aging eyes.

  • 3 in 1 lens
  • Transparent lens, no lines
  • Clear vision at all distances

Reading lenses allow you to read small print up close without moving it away from your eyes, so that you can enjoy your favourite activites without discomfort.

A perfect lens for those who only need to wear glasses for reading up close or who require a wide field of natural vision.

  • Near vision magnification
  • Wide field of view
  • Transparent lens

Fashion lenses have no power, but offer the essential protection and optional upgrades that a prescription lens does. If you don't need prescription lenses, these enable you to wear frames that look fully authentic and fashionable.

  • Non-prescription
  • Authentic look
  • Essential protection

zFORT® is a revolutionary technology lens, with a pale yellow fort-like protective coating which filters out harmful blue light.

Protect your eyes from digital devices such as your smartphone or computer and help to reduce eye strain, headaches and trouble sleeping.

  • Protection from harmful blue light
  • Reduce artificial glare & eyestrain
  • Increased comfort for computers & smartphones

Transitions lenses block out 100% of UV light and offer additional protection from the blue light emitted from electronic devices, such as your smartphone and computer.

The light intelligent lenses remain clear indoors and once the UV light hits the lens it changes to a dark tint offering comfort and protection from sunlight.

  • 100% UV block
  • Blue light filter
  • Transparent lens, darkens with UV

Polarizing lenses eliminate glare, improves clarity and enhances contrast whilst protecting your eyes from harmful UV lightrays. Perfect for driving and outdoor sports, most notably water and winter sports.

  • Eliminate glare
  • UV and blue light protection
  • Enhanced contrast

Mirror lenses take your sunglass frame to the next level, with a highly reflective and eye catching coating, available in a wider choice of colours.

  • Reduced glare
  • UV protection
  • Added comfort from bright lights

Simply choose your favourite tint colour, darkness and dip style! Available in full tint (one colour depth all over the lens) and gradient tint (Darker at the top, gradually lightening towards the bottom).

  • UV protection
  • Custom tint dip style
  • Custom tint colour darkness


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Value for money
sTACEY Restrepo
Value for money
Not rated
The design o fthe prescription is out of wack. the bottom prescription encroaches by as much as 75% of the top prescription, making it necessary to spend the day with a tilted head in order to maintain the eyes on the top lense which is used most. This has left me with persistent headaches and stressed eyesight.
October 23, 2022
Andrew Pritchett
Value for money
Not rated
The perfect cross over from day to gym/run/ cycle . Very happy!
October 06, 2022
Simon Parker
Value for money
Not rated
Good service , glasses very good
September 26, 2022
tony burkson
Value for money
Not rated
Great product
August 06, 2022
Shahrul Nizam Y.
Value for money
At first i'm worried that this item is not genuine. However, im so happy when the item arrived and its an original oakley.. great item with a very acceptable price.. Im not hesitate to buy again..
February 27, 2020
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